Become a volunteer today!

All you have to do is volunteer your time and talents and you can make a difference in the lives of many children and families in who need your support. Volunteering gives many people an opportunity to explore different avenues and experience helping others directly and indirectly. This is also a great opportunity to gain experience in a certain field and develop other skills. By volunteering, you are helping by giving your time, and your talent, which are very valuable gifts. You are also helping provide help, which is well needed to continue benefiting the many children and families that are in.

Share your expertise with us! The characteristics of our work put us in challenging situations we have to cope with. We are learning every day, but can always use professional advice, training and seminars help. Your support and extra brain power helps increase the efficacy and sustainability of our Programs.

How do I Volunteer?

World Citizens Unite volunteers will change throughout the year. Volunteers can work individually, in a group, or in their hometowns around the world. Please check our website frequently for updated volunteer information.

Volunteering with World Citizens Unite is easy! The best part is you can be anywhere and volunteer for us. All of our positions are virtual, unless otherwise specified. To apply for a position, simply fill out the Volunteer Application form. Volunteers are a huge part in the success of our work. If you are interested in contributing your time and talents to further our efforts, please continue reading on to understand the roles of our volunteers and how to apply.

Virtual Volunteering opportunities

Virtual volunteering opportunities are a method that is used to complete volunteer work or tasks offsite. By employing virtual volunteering opportunities, people that do not live in the general vicinity of the location can also help. There are some administrative duties as well as other volunteer opportunities that can be done through a virtual interface. This saves time, money and traveling expenses.

Current Non-profit Opportunities

Volunteer projects are posted as a new position arises.
Scan through the list of these available projects and choose the one that matches your skill set and duration criteria. When you apply to a volunteer project, the non-profit volunteer coordinator will respond to you within 24-48 hrs to get you started.

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