WCUF works diligently to support projects in different countries, with a focus on children and families.

We offer a variety of services such as: food, clothing, shelter, emergency medical treatments, orphanages and housing, children’s education, and clean water to communities in need. We are dedicated and committed to providing sustainable resources that offer life-saving solutions to children and families in poverty stricken communities throughout the world.

Our goal is to offer relief, recovery, and employ ongoing development to improve the living conditions and stop suffering, by meeting families physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Food, clothing and shelter/Bare necessities

World Citizens Unite strives to provide programs that offer bare necessities to children and families. Poverty is critical because children and families can not be healthy or lead a life that isn’t full of suffering without food. Read more

Emergency Response

World Citizens Unite responds to emergencies that need immediate assistance. Supporting the needs of children and families who need immediate medical /trauma care, food, water, or shelter. Read more

Children’s Education

World Citizens Unite implements and supports educational programs for children who do not have the means to go to school. We support and help provide resources and means to keep current schools open. The average family makes less than a $1 a day, which makes it difficult to afford the cost of education.
Read more

Children with HIV/AIDS

World Citizens Unite has implemented a program to help save children that have ‘HIV/Aids.’ We provide aid to current medical facilities, testing sites, and mobile health sites to provide support to at risk orphans and children. Read more

Children’s Orphanages

World Citizens Unite provides food, beds, clean sheets, toys, as well as small classroom materials and resources, to help provide a safe environment that will also offer educational benefits to orphaned children. Read more

Clean water movement

World Citizens Unite supports the clean water movement. Everyone should have access to clean water. Many people die everyday because of water-related causes. We are dedicated to help put a atop to water borne diseases such as cholera and chronic diarrhea. We help provide different clean water solutions from chlorinators, to bio sand and water filtration systems to communities in need. Read moreGT Radialминет порно смотреть бесплатноmiami reдебет 51 кредит 62кредит для граждан снгкредит пензакредит петрокоммерц