Our Mission is to work together to save the lives of both children and families. By offering programs that will eliminating hunger, offer health care, medical support, education, clothing, shelter, church services as well as environmental benefits to people who need it most. We carry out this mission through the visualization and the continued effort to commit to helping devastated areas throughout different parts of the world.

There is no quick fix, but with continued commitment for improved conditions children and families worldwide will have a fighting chance.

Our Vision

The organization’s vision is to help eliminate the need for suffering throughout different parts of the world. By striving to create significant improvements in communities and delivering the necessary help to both children and families alike.

World Citizens Unite Foundation believes in bringing an end to the endless suffering in different communities. Every human being has worth and value. By sending support, we continue to reaffirm the helpless and assure them that help is on the way.

Our vision for the community lies in the welfare of both children and their families. Therefore, World Citizens Unite wants to end the suffering, and bring relief to different communities throughout the world, so they can receive the help they need. We also want to bring a halt to the constant spread of HIV infected children. Offer nourishing food to help prevent malnutrition and starvation, supply much needed homes to the more than 1.3 million people who remain homeless. This will help the people in the communities live better than they are at the present moment, thus, helping to improve the quality of human life.

Sometimes the path may not be easy, but every little bit helps. When people cry out for help, we need to show them as humanitarians that they are not alone. By pressing forward we can help change the conditions one community at a time. This process is what will bring about the change that is needed to save lives. As people, we have to show a deep desire to help others by continuing to press forward and always having an attitude of wanting to help our fellow human race.

History of Organization

WCUF was founded in 2008, and expanded in early 2011. Established to provide resources to children and families throughout different parts of the world. We help save the lives of people by providing communities with access to the necessities they need to sustain life. By doing this, we hope to reach our goal which is to strengthen the development in under developed countries effectively and efficiently, as well as provide a continued source of maintenance in their communities.

We work hard to prevent and relieve suffering by offering community services to help people in need. By offering these services as a humanitarian relief organization, we help
provide children and families with food, clothing, shelter, proper sanitation and hygiene, health care, safe and clean water solutions, education, cholera response and emergency relief. These services will become available in both, remote places, as well as stressed areas worldwide.

WCUF is committed to changing distressed conditions for people in need. This is done by rendering these services through practice, experience and the help of partners and your donations. This agreeable and harmonious conduct helps us provide quality of services, which render greater efficiency on a constant basis. This is part of our commitment to strive to help stop the suffering and the struggle of innocent children and families throughout the world.


World Citizens Unite believes that basic needs such as clean water, food, and shelter, are fundamental and should not be deprived of anyone. WCUF is dedicated to working alongside children and families to help them overcome major obstacles such as: malnutrition and starvation, infections diseases such as: typhoid, hepatitis, cholera, HIV/AIDS,  infant mortality, lack of shelter, education, medical help and homelessness. These are all serious problems that persist in many communities throughout the world and should not go unnoticed.

WCUF believes that children and families can overcome these obstacles, with help and support. This can be addressed and sustained through a combination of providing immediate assistance and education. This will provide families with the resources and options they need to build a foundation which is necessary for them to be self sufficient.

Our Approach

The primary methods for achieving the goals and objectives of the proposed projects will be:
Physical distribution of emergency food and water survival kits. Affiliations with current schools, churches, orphanages who carry and disperse World Citizens Unite “Bare necessities emergency kits.”
Physical distribution of clothing. Affiliations with current clothing vendors in that will receive the clothes and disperse as needed.
Affiliations with a number of different shelters throughout that support the homeless. They offer temporary shelter-to housing programs for families.
Affiliations with current shelters for orphaned children.
Affiliations with current medical facilities, testing sites, as well as mobile facilities that offer emergency medical assistance to children and families.
Resources will be provided to a variety of educational programs throughout that offer the means to educate.
Affiliations with organizations that currently offer clean water solutions with the use of chlorinators, bios and filters and water filtration systems.

Proven Outcomes
According to several evaluations conducted of the 3year, 5year and 10year plan of the programs. Studies have showed that WCUF will successfully be able to bring forth changes to many of the communities in. Not only will changes be made, but they will also be maintained through the accurate planning and goal setting procedures.

The research found documented evidence that drastic changes will be made to the following:
Children and families in need within the parameters of a certain community will be provided and sustained with food, as well as water and clothing. Emergency relief will be provided to children. Orphaned children, as well as children in communities will have the means to go to school. Aid will be provided to current medical facilities, testing sites, and mobile health sites to provide support for at risk orphans and children. A “Clean Water Movement” will be put in place that will provide clean water solutions to contaminated water supplies in Haiti.

These outcomes will have a positive impact on people in need. Outcomes are tracked and maintained with a systematic approach to conduct project investigations. WCUF will monitor and provide improved benefits in distressed communities and villages in designated areas. Ensuring substantial changes in the quality of lives of people in need.

Support World Citizens Unite
Charitable contributions from people like you make it possible for us to support these programs for children and families. Please support our mission and work around the world with a gift to our Hope From a Far Fund. You can count on us to be good stewards of your generous donation, helping vulnerable children and their families where the need is greatest with whatever they need the most. (Read More)

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